Readings in Philippine History is a course for College students which studies Primary Sources rather than secondary sources. It looks deeper through the facts presented in selected Primary Sources.

KONKOMFIL-Kontekstwalisadong Komunikasyon sa Filipino ay isang praktikal na kursong nagpapalawak at nagpapalalim sa kontekstwalisadong komunikasyon sa wikang filipino.


The course delves into the discussion of the status quo and trajectory of the Information Technology in the 21st century and the ethical implications and directives that will guide students of this course in making sound decisions and actions. The emerging technologies and the new systems of information delivery are shaped by the prevailing modes and consciousness in an era. It is duly rightful that students be equipped with knowledge attached to Information Technology in order to prepare them in their collegiate journey and professional careers.

The guiding theme in this course is ethics in order to direct the students’ perspective on the rightful and accepted norms and critical thinking as an individual when confronted by the problems and accidental contingencies imposed by the information technology. This course provides self-reflection on students’ values and functions as well as their institutions brought about by the rapid changes in science and technology which greatly affect the way of life.

The students taking this course are expected to participate via activities and reading the articles attached hereto. The course will cover topics coming from the emerging technology, information technology, and ethics that will help students to develop awareness and critical thinking in the 21st century and situate the essential character of the era. At the end of the course, the students are expected to submit all the activities designated in every chapter without resorting to plagiarism and unacceptable actions.

Ang asignaturang Kontekstuwalisadong Komunikasyon sa Filipino at una sa mga asignaturang Filipino sa Pangkalahatang Edukasyon sa Filipino.

This course discusses the History of the Philippine Constitution as far as the 1987 Constitution.

The course deals with the nature of identity, as well as the factors and forces that affect the development and maintenance of personal identity.

This course deals with the theories and principles utilized by the nurse to function independently and in collaboration by the nurse and others in varied health care settings. It focuses on the development of skills in organization, management, leadership, and interpersonal relationships. The ethico-legal, spiritual and cultural aspects of nursing practice and the responsibilities of the nurse for personal and professional growth are emphasized.